The African Plate is part of the mid-Atlantic ridge. It is made of continental blocks of cratons, which were picked-up on the creation of Gondwanaland, 550 million years ago. The blocks are called Kalahari, Congo, Sahara, and the West African Craton. The African Plate is rifting on its western interior. It is estimated that it is traveling at 2.15 cenimters a year. As such it will eventually touch the southern tip of Spain. The African Plate is bounded by the Arabian Plate (northeast), the Indo-Australian Plate (southeast) the Eurasian Plate (north), and the Antartic Plate (south). All of which are spreading boundaries, with the exception of the Eurasian Plate. The African Plate is rifting in valcanicly active Afar Triangle and Great Rift valley...Ben- The African plate turns at a very slow counter-clockwise direction causing a lot of earth quake and volcanic activity on the west coast of Africa.