The Eurasian plate is the tectonic plate that covers Eurasia, the combination of Europe and Asia. It is the 3rd largest tectonic plate in the world!
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The colliding of this plate and the Indian plate formed the Himalayas. The easterly side is a boundary with the North American Plate to the north and a boundary with the Philippine Plate to the south and possibly with the Okhotsk Plate and the Amurian Plate. The southerly side is a boundary with the African Plate to the west, the Arabian Plate in the middle and the Indo-Australian Plate to the east. The westerly side is a divergent boundary with the North American Plate forming the northernmost part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is straddled by Iceland. The famous earthquake that hit Nepal in 1933 killed thousands and destroyed a lot of property in Nepal and northern India. Several earthquakes have occurred after that. Colton- The Eurasian Plate (and all others) came from the Gondwanaland Plate.

Comments by Others:
Bette- The Eurasian Plate is a subduction zone w/ the Philippine Plate.
Naiya- Mount Fuji is formed when the Pacific Plate subducted underneath the Eurasion Plate.