VoiceThread Assignments

Ancient Civilizations

Your culminating project for the ancient Greece lesson is to build a model or be a character from Greek history.
Model: If you choose to build a model you will need to take a digital photo of the model and upload it to www.voicethread.com. You should also write a one paragraph explanation of how the item you choose to build is important to Greek History. You can add this as narration or text on the picture on voicethread.
Be it: Select a character from ancient Greece and write a monologue for that character explaining their importance in Greek history. Video tape yourself as the character giving your monologue. Submit your video for this assignment. Or take a picture of yourself upload it to www.voicethread.com and record your monologue on the picture.

Austin Cody Rachel


Create a VoiceThread www.voicethread.com to help people understand about pollution and advocate for steps to control pollution.








You have been assigned the task of designing a space colony. You will work together to create a VoiceThread that addresses all components of your space colony. Your colony will need the following:
  1. Air Supply (Stephen)
  2. Communication (Josh)
  3. Work Facilities (Stephen)
  4. Living Facilities (Josh)
  5. Recreation Facilities (Stephen)
  6. Temperature Control System (Josh)
  7. Transportation (Stephen)
  8. Water Supply System (Josh)
Your task is to create a VoiceThread that shows the colony you have created.


Animal Planet Enrichment

Visit the Virtual Zoo