Your task is to create a Wiki that is a tribute to Ancient Egypt. Be sure to highlight those aspects of Ancient Egypt life that set the stage for future civilizations. This is a GROUP project so be sure that everyone contributes! There are three students in this class. You might want to divide up the major aspects of Egyptian life and each create a page on the wiki for your topics.
A few questions to consider: Why was the Nile River important?How did Egyptians use the land around the Nile? What economic activities developed in Egypt? How did geography affect Egypt’s economy? How did work and social roles affect people in ancient Egypt? How did learning advance in ancient Egypt? What religious beliefs did Egyptians hold?

Ancient Egypt Wiki

Your assignment is to explore the map showing the tectonic activity on Earth.
Each student will select two areas of tectonic activty to become an expert on. As a group you will create a wiki that shows the tectonic activity on earth and gives a history of tectonic activity (dates of major earthquakes, volcano eruptions, significant plate movements).

Plate Tectonics Wiki